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Driving new products development as needs dictate

Development of Sourcing Strategies in line with contingencies

Assessment of Forecasting Methodology

RFP Processes Roll Out

Performing TCO Analysis

Incorporation of Engineering Principles into Sourcing Strategies

Support Service of Suppliers Business Reviews to drive continous improvement

Proactive Gouvernance of strategic relationships with Business Partners

Financial Impact Assessment

Consensus Search

Risks Mitigation

Business Partners & Team Members Education (Vs TCO Management Intricacies)

Timing, Politics and Processes Understanding

Trending & Futures Awareness

Business Acumen

Follow-up & Accountability Mindset

Distribution Process Knowledge (B2B, B2C,…)

Alternatives Assessment in terms of Finance, Psychology and Strategy

Cross Functionality Leading to Deliveries Values Improvement

Costs Savings Identification and Execution across Supply Chain

Edge Supplier Management

Tools & Techniques Survey

Role Model in Performance, Quality, Service and Innovation

Vision and Strategy for Major Commodities

Total Cost Analysis


Capacity Reviews – Suppliers and Commodities

Communication on Trends, Policies, Practices and Changes

Familiar with PMI, ITIL, BPM, UML,…

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